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Premium Liqueur made exclusively from natural vanilla extracts from Madagascar for the warm and intense character of the vanilla pods. (Vanilla Planifolia varietal rich in sweet notes and Vanilla Tahitensis with more complex aromatic taste. The combination of both varietals gives this liqueur its distinct taste).


Alcohol Grade:  20%

Country of Origin:  France

Bottles available in:  700 mL

BC SKU:  464594

AB SKU:  464594


Colour:  Golden liqueur with fine amber and copper shades

Aroma:   Delicalety sweet, enhanced by a touch of alcohol and bringing an enchanting fershness reminding of pine tree and eucalyptus.

Tasting Notes:  The taste is sweet with a strong aroma of very pure vanilla seeds. Sublte roasted, milky and spicy notes.


Vanille de Madagascar

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