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Abricot Du Roussillon

Premium liqueur made from the slow maceration of "Rouge du Roussillon" apricots for the perfect intensity of fruits and purity of character.  The Rouge du Roussillon apricot variety comes from the Prunus armeniaca apricot tree.  Orange coloured with a juicy flesh and sweet flavour, it is a very aromatic fruit.


Alcohol Grade:  25%

Country of Origin:  France

Bottles available in:  700 mL

BC SKU:  176099

AB SKU:  176099

Colour:  Golden yellow liqueur with fine orange shades

Aroma:   The bouquet is revealed in stages - the sweetness of very ripe apricot at first, then a slight vegetal touch and finish with sweet spices of vanilla and caramel.

Tasting Notes:  The taste is very sweet at first, reminding one of caramelized apricot compote.


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