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We are delighted that our international bartending competition returns this year for its 27th anniversary with 18 selected countries in competition.

Inspired by bartenders' life, the theme of this new edition is


Bartenders are challenged to create a cocktail that reflects what makes their life as balanced as their cocktail creation, a creative endeavour pursuing the perfect harmony of flavours, textures, and scents, with each element complementing the other without dominating it. 

Giffard invites bartenders to celebrate and reflect on these dualities, believing that true artistry lies not only in the final drink but also in the journey to get there: Amazing job & Refreshing life! 

Winners' Prize

One National winner wins a trip to the home of Giffard in France to learn about how craft liqueurs are made, meet like-minded bartenders from around the world, and take their place in the Grand Final to make their cocktail in front of a live audience to be assessed by a panel of respected judges from around the world. 

The Global Winner's prize* is a return flight ticket for two and accommodation to a destination of your choosing to discover and explore another cocktail culture. 

Key Dates:

  • Online submissions open from April 21st, 2024 to May12th, 2024

    • Online submissions are now closed.

    • Selected candidates will be contacted by May 17th, 2024

    • For any questions, please contact

  • Eastern Canadian Finals in Toronto on Monday, June 3rd 2024

  • Western Canadian Finals in Vancouver on Monday, June 10th, 2024


  • Create a cocktail inspired by a link with a hobby, sport or passion outside of bartending, which helps make your life more balanced. 

  • Show the person behind the bartender through an activity contributing to your mental and physical well-being. 

  • Liqueurs Matters : Your cocktail must comprise of at least 30ml of Giffard liqueur, or liqueurs. (e.g. 30ml of one liqueur, or 15ml each of the 2 different Giffard liqueurs, and so forth)

  • One entry per person.

  • One or a combination of the following Liqueur Products can be used only:

    • Pamplemousse, Rhubarb, Violette, Passion Fruit, Lichi-Li, Abricot du Roussillon​**

    • **If you do not have access to the selected Liqueurs, please send an email to and the team will actively engage in ensuring the product is made available at the earliest. 

    • If your submission is selected and you do not have access to selected Giffard Liqueurs, the Giffard team will actively engage in ensuring the product is made available at the earliest convenience

  • Recipes entered must be the original creation of the competitor. Plagiarised recipes/ entries will be disqualified. 

  • Recipes entered must be expressed in millilitres, and the use of 'dashes' and/or 'drops' is limited to bitters, hot pepper sauce and the like. 

  • No pre-batching allowed.

  • Any syrups used should prioritize the Giffard range available in your area. 




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Global Winners Prize*:

  • The winning prize of the selection is the participation to the final in Angers, France.

  • The winning prize of the final is a flight ticket and hotel to discover another cocktail culture!

    • 2 round trip flight tickets in economy class for the destination of your choice***

      • Limit of 1500 euros per ticket (until end of 2025)​​​​

      • List of countries for selection to be provided by Giffard***

    • Hotel – limit of 1000 euros total.

Judging Criteria:

  • Winners will be the competitors with the highest score. In case of a tie between two competitors the best score for the tasting part will be taken into account and if necessary, the highest score for the criterion “Taste”.

  • The rating scale will be divided as below for each contest (100 pts):

    • Technique (10pts)

    • Expression of Giffard - liqueur matters (10pts)

    • Link with the thema - "The Art of Balance" (10pts)

    • Charisma (20pts)

    • Appearance of cocktail (10pts)

    • Taste / Aroma / Flavor (40pts)

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