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Depuis 1885

"It all began during the very hot summer of 1885..."

Emile GIFFARD, is at that time a dispensing pharmacist in Angers (Val de Loire). Inventive, curious and gourmet, he undertook research on the digestive and refreshing properties of mint. He thereby invented a pure, clear and refined white mint liqueur which he tested with the Grand Hotel's customers, in order to relieve them from heat.


Success came at once. Emile changed his pharmacy into a distillery and called his liqueur MENTHE PASTILLE, referring to the mint sweets very famous at that time.


Four generations later, GIFFARD is still in the hands of the same family and keeps quality as the foremost value of the company.


1885-1901: Emile Giffard

1904-1954: Maurice Giffard

1949- 1992: Jacques Giffard

1987- present: Edith Giffard

1989- present: Bruno Giffard  

Giffard Posters

This collection of Giffard advertisements spanning three centuries is a study in Modern art, including work by renowned artists Cappiello, Ogé, Baudrier Foucault and Dransy. 


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