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September 29, 20

Giffard Salutes 2008 Iron Mixologists

Shaun Layton & Wendy McGuinness

Giffard, makers of fine liqueurs and syrups, is pleased to announce that Shaun Layton of George Ultra Lounge has emerged triumphant at Giffard’s 2nd annual Iron Mixologist Challenge. Wendy McGuinness of Chambar Belgian Restaurant came in a close second place.


David Wolowidnyk of WEST Restaurant and Trevor Kallies of the Granville Room were named runners-up. As a result of their achievement in the Vancouver competition, Shaun Layton & Wendy McGuinness will both be flown to France to represent Canada and compete in Giffard’s International Mixologists Competition in late May 2009. Bruno Giffard looks forward to hosting them at this prestigious event.


The Iron Mixologist competition was held on Sunday, September 28 2008 at Vancouver’s Century Plaza Hotel & Spa. Over 20 competitors demonstrated their professional expertise as they prepared and presented original cocktails created specifically for the event. Each cocktail had to include Giffard’s newly-released Pear Liqueur, but beyond this single requirement the competing mixologists were free to let their creativity run wild. And so they did, showing tremendous ingenuity in the cocktails they presented. Drinks included martini style, champagne cocktail, long and short drinks. All cocktails were judged by a panel of three Mixologists: Jay Jones (Voya Restaurant and the Loden Hotel), Josh Pape (Chambar Belgian Restaurant), Brian Grant (The Four Seasons Hotel); three Media members: Judith Lane (The Georgia Straight), Joanne Sasvari (Vancouver Sun) and Dean Lancaster (North Shore News); and three Chefs: Dino Renaerts (Diva at the Met), Abdel Elatouabi (Le Marrakech), Linda La Rouche along with David Richards (Restaurant Consultant). Giffard’s General Manager, Bruno Giffard, was on hand to award the title of 2008 Iron Mixologist to Shaun Layton of George Ultra Lounge for his cocktail named La Belle Poire and Wendy McGuinness of Chambar for her cocktail named Une Poire Moroccan.


Competitors and judges subsequently retired to the Century Plaza’s beyond lounge to regain their strength after the rigors of the competition. Drinks, culinary delights prepared by Executive Chef Cale Gault, and jazz soon restored their vigour. Bruno Giffard also announced that the following talented individuals will be available on behalf of Giffard for mixology training sessions: Jay Jones, David Wolowidnyk, Danielle Tatarin, and Shawn Soole. Effective immediately these outstanding mixologists are available to train local restaurateurs in the art of mixology.


Recipe for Shaun's  cocktail,  LA BELLE POIRE here.




Iron Mixologist

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