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May 3, 2015

Giffard Iron Mixologist Competition awards

1st Place to Florian Benjamin

Giffard, France's makers of fine liqueurs and syrups, is pleased to announce that Florian Benjamin of Bauhaus Restaurant is the winner of the annual Iron Mixologist Challenge. The Iron Mixologist competition was held on May 3, 2015 at The Keefer Bar in Vancouver. Over 20 competitors prepared and presented original cocktails they had created specifically for the event.  The required Giffard product for each cocktail was Giffard Premium Elderflower Liqueur.


Every 18 months, Giffard holds the Giffard West Cup competition. Giffard hosts top bartenders from around the world to Angers, France, to meet, compete and enjoy the Giffard family's hospitality. Florian Benjamin of Bauhaus Restaurant took 1st place for his cocktail, 'The Elder Got Flowers' and was awarded a trip to France and selected to compete in the Giffard West Cup.



Photography by Christopher Brown.



Iron Mixologist

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