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April 20, 2007

"Beyond Restaurant" shakes up France

Beyond Restaurant + Lounge’s Bar Manager, Chris Brown, packs up his shakers to go abroad. May 14th, Brown is set to compete in the Giffard International Cocktail Challenge in Angers, France at the Hotel des Penitentes.


As part of an elite group of professional barmen from Belgium, Germany, England, Czech Republic and France; Brown fills one of two international seats for Canada. For the competition the candidates will need to improvise a short cocktail with a mystery Giffard Liqueur. Once the Giffard Liqueur is revealed the competitors will have one hour to submit their recipes to the judges, then seven minutes to mix away. For a sneak peak of a possible cocktail contender, pop into beyond’s lounge to enjoy one of ten Giffard inspired cocktail creations Brown has up for offer on the cocktail and bar menu.


Giffard is a family owned business which has been producing high end premium liqueurs and eau de vies since 1885. For more information, visit

Beyond Restaurant + Lounge is located in the Century Plaza Hotel & Spa at 1015 Burrard Street.

For information call (604) 684-3474 or visit


This fantastic opportunity comes just weeks after beyond’s wine list garnered the Vancouver Playhouse International Wine Festival’s ‘Best First Time Entry’. When Brown steps out from behind beyond’s deep chocolate American walnut bar, restaurant center stage, he’ll bring not only his shaker to the competition he’ll also bring his sense of regionally paired ingredients. As the rules state, the cocktail creation must not contain more than 5 liquid ingredients (syrups, fruit juices, dairy products…) and not more than 5 supplementary ingredients (like egg, condiments, spices, plants, crushed fruits, sugar...). Just one basic alcohol drink per cocktail is allowed, and hot mixtures are not permitted. Cocktails will be allotted marks according to presentation, dexterity and efficiently. Rounding out the scoring will be the tasting portion where marks are awarded according to a scale that takes into account the three elements of a cocktail: look, flavour and taste.

Go Brown Go!

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