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Iron Mixologist 2019


E TwoForTheBar_GiffardIronMixologist_201

March 25, 2019 at Spirit of York

Distillery, Toronto, ON


March 26, 2019 at Resurrection Spirits, Vancouver, B.C.


Enter below to compete for the title of Iron Mixologist Canada 2019 and a invitation to the prestigious Giffard West Cup in Angers, France on May 28, 2019.



12 entries from each City will be eligible to compete.

Liq CARRIBEAN PINEAPPLE 70cl 20%_edited.

This year's featured ingredient is... Giffard Caribbean Pineapple, from our premium range and is the world's most exciting pineapple liqueur! Caribbean Pineapple garnered a Master Medal at the 2017 Spirits Business Global Liqueurs Masters when it was first developed.


Friday, March 22nd (Vancouver)

Final edits deadline - Saturday, March 23rd (Vancouver)
* Full re-writes of recipes not permitted, proportion changes and minimal ingredient swaps allowed.

1. Recipe must be an original Caribbean Pineapple Liqueur cocktail, that has never been entered in another
cocktail competition
2. Recipes must be submitted in mL not oz, as per the Giffard international guidelines
3. Giffard Caribbean Pineapple must be noticeable in the cocktail
4. Each Bartender will have 6 minutes to prepare 3 identical cocktails for the judges

5. All ingredients must be readily available and be able to be recreated

6. The first place mixologist from both Vancouver and Toronto will compete as semi-finalists via social media.  One winner will receive an invitation to the Giffard West Cup in France on May 28th.

Create an original drink with the following...

Main ingredient #1 - Giffard Caribbean Pineapple Liqueur (mandatory to use a minimum of 20 mL)
Main ingredient #2 - Spirit (spirit may be infused if desired.  Infusion recipes must be clearly described so that it can be easily replicated)

*The following complimentary ingredients (in dash, drop or splash) are permitted.  *Dashes, Drops and Splashes are considered to be between 1 mL to 6 mL in volume):

  • Bitters, sauces, marmalade and juices

  • Syrups (only the Giffard range of syrups will be permitted)

  • Peels, fruits, plants, roots, spices

**Sparkling, still or soda water and tonic (not flavoured tonics) are also permitted up to 30 mL.

1. Giffard Caribbean Pineapple
2. Ice (small cubes) - you may bring your own "special ice" if required

1. Competitors are required to bring ALL of their own bar equipment and ingredients (except, Caribbean Pineapple and ice)
2. Competitors are required to bring their own glassware to present 3 cocktails, you will not be provided glassware.

- 10:00 am - Bartenders Arrive
- 10:15 am - Random draw for order of competition
- 11:00 am - Competition Starts (There are two wells, so next competitor will set up while the other is presenting)
-   3:00 pm - Competition Ends

- Judges will focus on taste, technique, hygiene, presentation, service
- Judges will be asking specific questions related to your cocktail during your 6 minute presentation, be prepared to answer accordingly (know your ingredients)
- Limit “inspiration stories” during presentation, this is NOT about your ability to make up a story
- 100 points available



Get your passport ready!
The finalist between Vancouver and Toronto will receive a trip to France and an invitation to compete at the prestigious Giffard West Cup in Angers on May 28, 2019.

FULL AND ACCURATE information is necessary to qualify for the competition. Invite your industry friends to cheer you on!

FOR MEDIA INQUIRIES  please contact Maria Peters

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