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May 7, 2009

Canada Competes with International Mixologists at Giffard Challenge in France

Wendy McGuiness, of Mixologists from around the world will take their craft to new heights as they strive to win this year's Giffard Challenge. The competition will take place in Angers, France on Monday, May 25 2009.


Two of BC's best, Shaun Layton of George Ultra Lounge and Wendy McGuinness of Chambar Belgian Restaurant, will be in the thick of the competition after proving their mettle in last September's Iron Mixologist Competition in Vancouver. They will join professional mixologists from France, Germany, Russia, Sweden, Denmark, and Italy in their quest to win the prestigious event.


Giffard is known internationally as a supplier of premium liqueurs and syrups. The Giffard Challenge shows the tremendous range of delicious uses for their products. The Challenge is also an exciting test of competitors' creativity, as it requires innovation and improvisational skills. This year for the first time participating mixologists will be presented with a "surprise basket" one hour prior to the competition, which will contain the mandatory liqueur for their drink as well as fruits or plants which may be used either in the drink or as a garnish. Mixologists will have an hour to create a short drink cocktail recipe. They will then have seven minutes to prepare their cocktail in front of the judges. The cocktails will be judged both on cocktail presentation and realization and on taste.


Good luck to BC's intrepid mixologists as they compete on the world stage at this event!



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