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May 26, 2010

Local Mixologists Take Top Honours at Giffard International Mixologist Challenge

Two of Vancouver's mixologists have made a splash on the international bartending scene, reinforcing the city's reputation as a mecca for food and drink. Danielle Tartarin of Keefer Bar and Justin Tisdale of Market by Jean-Georges placed first and second, respectively, at the Giffard International Cocktail Challenge.


Giffard is known internationally for its premium liqueurs and syrups. The Giffard International Cocktail Challenge is an opportunity for mixologists from around the world to explore the range of delicious possibilities offered by Giffard products. This year's competition was held in Angers, France on May 10, 2010. Professional bartenders from around the world participated in the event.  The Challenge measures competitors' culinary skills but also tests their innovation and creativity, as participants are presented with a "surprise basket" of items just one hour prior to the competition. The basket contains the mandatory liqueur for the drink they must create as well as fruits or plants which may either be used in the drink or as a garnish. Competitors have sixty minutes to concoct a short drink cocktail recipe and an additional seven minutes in which to present it to the event judges.


Both Danielle Tartarin and Justin Tisdale showed imagination and grace under pressure at the event. Judges were impressed by Tartarin's double shake in her recipe called "La Belle Pomme" and Tisdale's use of a raw egg in his cocktail, "The Caribbean Sunset." Both winning cocktails included Giffard Agave Sec liqueur, a blend of Giffard Triple Sec and 100% Mexican agave nectar. The product is not yet available in Canada.


Tartarin and Tisdale's top placing at this prestigious event will doubtless serve to galvanize Vancouver's reputation as a leader in culinary circles.

Members of the media may contact Danielle Tartarin via, and Justin Tisdale through the Market by Jean-Georges at (604) 695-1115.

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