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June 4, 2008

Vancouver Vancouver Mixologist Earns Second Place Honours at Giffard International Competition in France

Josh Pape of Vancouver’s Chambar Belgian Restaurant has been awarded second place at the prestigious Giffard International Competition. The competition was held in Anger, France on May 26, 2008. It included 16 talented mixologists from Germany, England, Sweden, Poland, and France.


Josh Pape and fellow local mixologist Brian Grant of Yew Restaurant & Bar at the Four Seasons Hotel were selected to represent Canada in this year’s international competition. They took part in the Giffard Cocktail Challenge, an improvisation competition in which participants draw lots to determine which Giffard liqueur they are required to include in a cocktail of their creation and have one hour to develop a recipe. Drinks are judged on both taste and presentation. Josh Pape won second place for a recipe he created featuring Giffard Vanilla Madagascar. The placing cocktail developed by Josh Pape in one hour is called Le Thé Du Démon. Grant’s cocktail, named Pacifica, also featured Giffard Vanilla Madagascar and did very well in the competition.


Giffard Vanilla Madagascar is a brand new product in the Giffard family of fine liqueurs and syrups and is now available in Canada. It is made exclusively from natural Madagascar vanilla, known for its warm, intense character. It joins such popular flavours as Pink Grapefruit Liqueur, Amandes Cognac, and Crème de Peche. Pape started his career at Vancouver’s Chambar but took advantage of an opportunity to work with award-winning mixologists in Australia for a year. He has earned praise and accolades at numerous competitions, and currently works as Chambar’s bar manager. First place at the Giffard Competition was awarded to a barman from Germany, and third went to a participant from England.


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