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Ginger of the Indies

The Ginger of the Indies Premium Liqueur is made from natural maceration of best ginger from Asia. Sweetened by orange blossom water and a hint of coriander, enhanced with spices.  A nice balance between sweet and spicy notes. This liqueur is surprising and full of contrasts : heat, sweetness, power and light.


Alcohol Grade:  35%

Country of Origin:  France

Bottles available in:  700 mL

BC SKU:  171835

AB SKU:  171835

Colour:  Slightly cloudy, straw yellow

Aroma:   Strong aromas of ginger and coriander softened by a vanilla touch and enhanced by the intensity of orange blossom.

Tasting Notes:  Sweet and floral but very quickly spices intensify the peppery sensation of ginger. Notes of lime cordial throughout.


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