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Premium liqueur made from the distillation of the finest sweet and bitter curaçao oranges "Bigarrade".


Alcohol Grade:  40%

Country of Origin:  France

Bottles available in:  700 mL

BC SKU:  872275

AB SKU:  872275

Colour:  Translucent and crystalline.

Aroma:   There is an explosion of aromas : fresh and candied citrus fruits (sweet and bitter oranges, grapefruit, lemon, lime, tangerines...).

Tasting Notes:  Delicately sweet, enhanced by a touch of alcohol and a note of bitterness that is typical of orange and grapefruit peels. Triple sec is not so sweet on ice but a bit stronger, with eucalyptus and orange blossom touches.


Curaçao Triple Sec

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